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         Introducing the Passenger Seat Occupancy Emulator 

Are you ignoring that little red airbag light?  Diagnose it today! 

In most BMW, Mercedes and Fiat Stilo cars, 90% of the time your airbag light comes on because the Passenger Seat Occupancy Sensor Mat is faulty. Once broken this, Passenger Occupancy Sensor Mat can cost a lot of money to diagniose. Without diagnosing and fixing this problem, your airbags will not deploy. Are you willing to wait till you crash before you need them? Once the Passenger Seat Occupancy Sensor is broken and the light is on, the airbags could be disabled and useless. 


Our Passenger Seat Occupancy Emulator is simple, cheap and very effective at correctly diagnosing the problem. Why pay over a £100 to have the problem diagnosed at a dealership?



What is the Passenger Seat Occupancy Sensor? How does it work?


The Passenger Seat Occupancy Sensor is a mat that is built into the seat that senses whether someone is sitting in the passenger seat and whether to deploy the airbag or not. It is a very important part of the airbag system. If it is broken, the airbags are disabled. The Passenger Seat Occupancy Mat is easily broken as it is fragile and the only way to fix it, is to replace it.






Models Supported


All 3 series (1995 - 2010)

All 5 series (1997 - 2010)

All 1 series (2005 - 2010) 

X3 and X5 models

6 Series

7 Series

Mercedes A Class

Mercedes C Class

Mercedes E Class

Mercedes S Class

Mercedes M Class

Mini Cooper

Fiat Stilo




Why buy our Passenger Seat Occupancy Bypass Emulator?


  • Most emulators are fully Plug and Play
  • Provides a cheap diagnostic solution
  • Money back Guarantee
  • Full product support 
  • Can be installed by literally anyone wishing to diagnose their fault
  • Worldwide shipping


Please read and understand the product Legal information before buying this product.