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                    PASSENGER OCCUPANCY SEAT EMULATOR                     

   PLUG AND PLAY FOR FIAT STILO 2002-2005 MODELS          


                                                         Only £39.99


UK & Northern Irelend (+ £2.99 delivery)





European Union (+ £8.99 Recorded Delivery)





Worldwide (+ £9.99 Recorded Delivery)







  If you are viewing this page then you will probably answer YES to the following questions:

a)    I am fed up of seeing the airbag light on all the time

b)    My occupancy mat has been diagnosed as being faulty

c)     At this moment, I can’t afford £300 to have the occupancy mat repaired

d)    My MOT will be due shortly and it will fail if I don’t resolve the airbag light

e)    I am concerned that my airbags will not deploy if I have an accident


If you have answered YES to the above questions then worry no further, we have a workaround solution that will resolve your airbag light problem.


Please take a moment to read the FAQ page to gain a better understanding of the problem.




Introducing the Plug-in Emulator for Fiat Stilo Cars

The most common reason for the airbag light to show is a faulty Occupancy Mat. The purpose of this mat is to simply tell the computer if there is a passenger present and therefore to deploy or not deploy the passenger airbag in the event of an accident.

Unfortunately, these mats are very fragile and can break easily. It’s a surprise that Fiat have not issued a safety recall to repair them free of charge. Please see the FAQ section to get a better understanding of this.


Fiat dealers are currently charging upwards of £300 to replace the occupancy mat and in the present climate, not everybody can afford to pay these kind of charges.


New MOT rules have come into force in the UK

Until now, for example, those with airbag lights that remain on while driving have passed because it's an issue that hasn't formed part of the safety inspection. Now drivers will no longer be able to simply remove the bulb, as it will have to be shown working when you turn on the ignition, and go out once it is started. The good news is that our module will resolve this problem.




Why buy our emulator?

a)    Made using the highest quality of materials and we have the distinction of being the first seller of this product in UK - having sold our very first module back in November 2010 (see below). Since then others have been copying the original.

b)    Fully tested on diagnostic computer to ensure that, once fitted, the passenger seat will show the correct status as OCCUPIED (see screenshots below)

c)     Our modules are easy to fit – simply takes 2 minutes using the single page – easy to follow instructions provided.

d)    Fully CE compliant, RoHS and ISO9001 approved

e)    Full customer support – we will always answer questions and queries the same day – normally within the hour.